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"Playing the piano has been my life's passion for over two decades. My fondest memories involve sitting in my childhood home, playing melodies and losing myself in the music. For me, there's no greater joy than sharing that love with others. That's why I prioritize creating a connection with my audience and ensuring that every performance is unique and memorable."

Michael Chryssomallis, known professionally as Michael Joel, was born on April 30, 1989, in the Bronx, New York. Michael Joel is a Cuban/Greek pianist, composer, and arranger focusing on instrumental orchestrations. Joel began piano lessons at the tender age of ten and composed original compositions shortly after. By 14, executives from the top labels were knocking at his door to offer him a record deal. However, in the end, he signed his first record deal with Sony Music Group. As a result of this deal, he embarked on a two-year 224-nationwide city tour; the success was instant, and the rest is history, as they say.

However, despite this overwhelming victory, Joel wanted some normalcy. So, after completing his contractual obligations, he worked out a deal that allowed him to stay on the roster as a free agent instead of parting ways with his label. As a result, he took a hiatus to enjoy his newfound success, which allowed him to focus on himself, recharging his creative juices and spending time with his family. At 19, Joel made his triumphed return to the music business and achieved massive commercial success by writing and composing for others under an alias. Fast forward 16 years, Joel, now in his 30s,  is ready to hit the road again and has signed an exclusive multimillion-dollar record deal with UMG (Universal Music Group).

At this time, Joel has nearly 140 songs that have never been released or played by anyone. Therefore, to pay homage to his parents, specifically his beloved late mother, Candy, Joel has decided that with the support of his label UMG (Universal Music Group), Joel will embark on a 367-date tour across Europe & North America pushing his artistic boundaries and not caring what others think of him or his music. Furthermore, in support of this upcoming tour, Joel & UMG (Universal Music Group) plan to begin releasing new music throughout 2024.

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